The Digital Commons

The Digital Commons Manifesto

We, the people of our communities, collectively provide for the greater good in a number of areas. We provide universal fire protect, universal police protection and universal K-12 education. The Digital Commons is a strategy - and associated policies - that provides universal access to the technologies that determine ones economic fate in the 21st century.

The core strategy of the Digital Commons is the adoption of Open Source software as a technology equal rights solution. A technology whose economics enable universal access - a school and at home - to all citizens of all ages.

Tactics of the Digital Commons

  • Open Source
  • Teaching of universal core concepts for an application category with tactical application to commercial brands
  • Re-tasking of last generation institutional PC as they are refreshed
    • Linux
    • OS applications
  • Leadership by community volunteer organizations

Apps for the Commons

Below is a short list of the world-class applications available via the Open Source community. This list covers personal productivity tools, image creation and manipulations tools, film production and 3D animation.

Example Application

Click to feel the Future.

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