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This is virtual home for all Nevadans interested in harnessing the benefits of the Open Source paradigm shift for the betterment of Nevada. We welcome your enthusiasm and desire your direct input into this noble effort.

OSNV is a collaborative site divine by input from the community. Register today and you can immediately edit and add to the site.

Technology that Enables Collaboration

This site uses the Collaborative Knowledge Base (CKB) environment hosted by SQI Inc. The core open source application is MoinMoin. Links in the next column provide overviews, tutorials, FAQs and documentation.

MoinMoinis one example of a new class of technology which enables collaboration. In this case the concept is Direct Publication. The Web Master is no longer the gatekeeper (or bottleneck). Simple, but very powerful, tools let any member of the community directly add to or edit the web site. See Principles of Knowledge Collaboration for more discussion of this phenomenal new approach

Geting Started

Create Account and Play

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One-Page Primers cover KB basics

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KB Help FAQs

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