The Open Source Revolution


Technology normally advances in small evolutionary steps as one engineer or scientist builds on the collective knowledge of the field to introduce the next small step. We see this in software as companies add yet another feature to already feature burdened applications.

Infrequently a really stunning revolutionary idea dramatically changes the rate and direction of technology development. The PC is an example of a revolutionary concept that changed the world.

These points of revolutionary technology change are often referred to in the business community as Paradigm Shifts. Investors and executives focus on Paradigm Shifts because a complete restructure of the market usually follows. New winner are born. Old market leaders are destroyed.

This Open Source Revolution topic presents articles that make a compelling case that Open Source is a revolution and that all should be aware of the paradigm shift.

OSNV believes the open-source paradigm shift is a empowering and profitable phenomena for those that embrace it. And, it will be a force of destruction for those that resist or adopt late.

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