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Knowledge + Economics Simulation Labs (KESL)



  • in a global economic fight
  • need for the next generation to understand ecomonics, business and knowledge creation


  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Economics
    • Resource allocation
    • Operations
    • Strategic Planning

New resources:

  • cutting-edge gaming
  • open source
  • greenSims greenSims( green simulations)

    • millions of capable PCs headed toward landfills
    • state-of-art open source OS (Vector Linux)
    • open source simulation software tuned to last generation PCs

micorPublished KESL

This project uses the SQI microPublishing (mP) concepts and technologies. Simulation files and documentation are push out and published as soon as possible. In most cases the first drafts will be outline, code drops or rough concepts. mP provides insight and value to other users in incremental steps very close to the moment of creation. Value is not trapped on long publishing cycles. And the perfect odes not inhibit knowledge transfer of the good.

Simutrans Ecomonics Lab

Other SimuTrans Resources

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