Proposal for Supporting Materials for Computers for Kids

Getting the Kids Started with Their New systems
June 20, 2009
Sheri Elpern

The Issue

Watching the prep and hand off of computers this morning, it appeared that none of the recipients were taking notes. There was a lot of useful information passed on, indeed critical information that each family would most likely need for reference.

This is a proposal for a hand out as Cigar Lions hand off computers. The material should also be available internally and online.


Below is a short outline of information needed.

  1. Glossary of computer terms II. Overview of what they got
    1. Hardware – general and specific to system
      1. Applications loaded ii. Utilities available
      B. Software C. Security
    III. Basic getting started information
    1. Assembly B. Boot C. Download D. Turn off E. Adding peripherals
    IV. Navigation
    1. Menus B. Applications C. Internet
    V. Resource locations
    1. Manuals online B. Additional applications C. Online help and support

This information should be handed out in soft copy at acquisition. In addition, each computer should have a label with the web location of where the information can be accessed and an icon to its internal location.

Because the computers aren't clones, each one should come with its configuration description, and instructions on how the information can be accessed internally.

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