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Simutrans How-To Materials


Simutrans is the centerpiece of the Knowledge + Economics Lab we created and conduct. As such it is critical that students and mentors have an efficient and fun path to acquiring the basic skills needed to play Simutrans.

This section of the OSNV site is dedicated to providing reference material that help a player quickly understand and master the entry skill and progress though the more advanced features. The material presented here is applicable to all Simutrans players, and want-to-be players, regardless of his or her participation in the KESL project.

The cornerstone of our training efforts is the Simutrans Cookbook and topic-supporting videos. If you are new to Simutrans go directly to the Getting Started section of the cookbook.

micorPublished KESL

This project uses the SQI microPublishing (mP) concepts and technologies. Simulation files and documentation is published as soon as possible. In most cases the first drafts will be outlines, code drops or rough concepts. mP provides insight and value to other users in incremental steps very close to when they are created. Value is not trapped on long publishing cycles. And the perfect does not inhibit knowledge transfer of the good.

Simutrans Introduction Videos


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Simutrans How To Materials

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